Alliance Sud  
1973 49' Alaskan
Marseille France xavier gastinel
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front cabin, offering 4 single beds and separate toilets and sink
Upper deck was renewed 2000 Alliance show great lines
The port cabin in the middle of the vessel. That\'s a real cabin with toilets sink and shower on the opposite
Pilot house like all the others 49\'s, just 1 difference : no stairs direct to lower deck.
Adjonction of the 2 meters changes really the line of the vessel. Access to the aft cabin by a small roof with hatch
Saloon in L was changed and renewed, now in U, offering more seats
Dry dockeddecember 03, Alliance show great lines. when modifiing the hull, yard decided to let propellers in the original place, so now the boat is much easier to drive as the axe of pivot of is closer of the front. No need bow propeller.

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